First off… How are you doing?

I’m doing great.  Cannot complain not one bit.

What is your current DJ setup?

My current DJ setup. I have Technique 2010, black.. and I’m still rocking my DJM-S9 mixer. I love that mixer.

What is the career highlight that stands out the most to you?

Well, my career highlight that stands out the most to me…. There’s a couple, but I would go with our first BET award. This was back when BET awards wasn’t even on TV. This was the very first BET Award that I have right here with me. It’s just an accomplishment to be viewed as the #1 group from your peers and fans. And just getting that award… man meant alot to all of us, me, DoItAll, and Mr. Funke. So that was one of the highlights of my career, accepting that award.

How do you balance your relationship with giving the listeners what they want and putting them on to music you want to expose them to?

That’s a good question. You know, I’m one of those DJ that really believes in playing new music and getting the public aware of just new music, man.  I love doing things like that. I love playing a popular song and, you know, get the crowd hype and then blend with something that they don’t know. But part of my job of being a DJ is making this crowd enjoy the new music also. And that’s when you have to grab the mic. You have to talk. You have to talk to the crowd. You have to read the crowd, you know, you have to…  break new music. Man because if Dj doesn’t break new music, new music won’t get broke. You know? That’s our job. And I wish it was more DJs that did that because a lot of fans and partygoers are tired of hearing the same music over and over and over. So DJs, mix it up, man, play something that they know but then play something that they don’t know also and make them like it, you know? That’s what I love doing. So that’s how I do my sense.

DJs are the original record breakers, so what artist do you currently support?

Man, I currently support any artist that’s dope, new or old.  I’m still supporting like, Kool G rap, got a new project coming out. Geechi Suede has a new project. Planet Asia has a new project. You know a lot of people are still making music, man, but it’s just hard for the consumer to hear anything because the DJ don’t play it on on the radio. But what I do love about Sirius satellite is that you have a lot of dope DJs now that break these artists also still. You know, to this day. So, you know, new and old artists are still coming out with great music. It’s just you have to find it.

Pass the torch. What DJ should MyWayDJ interview next and why?

There’s a couple of DJs, but my suggestion would be DJ Dice. Me and him go way back since the 90s.  He was Das EFX’s original Dj, and he’s currently DJ for Redman. And I think it would be a great DJ to interview. So you holla at my man DJ Dice.

Any Last Words?

My last words to everybody, I would say, if you do have talent, and wanna become an entertainer or artist in this industry. Please use your talent to the best of your ability and don’t get in it just for money. Please do not get in this industry for money. There’s way too many artists that are in it for the money right now. You know, if you have talent, use it accordingly. Talent is given but success is something you earn. So please earn it. Do it the right way. And also, if you don’t have my brand new album, The Plain Dealer 2, you can pick it up on my website Or go straight to the Bandcamp And on Bandcamp, you actually get an extra song. So you know, check it out. Peace.

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About DJ Lordjazz

DJ Lordjazz
DJ LordjazzLords of the Underground
“Say ‘Lord Jazz hit me one time’ in front of any hip hop enthusiasts and you will hear ‘Make it Funky!’”

DJ Lord Jazz’s career has spanned more than twenty five years, encompassing the early nineties, which is widely considered to be Hip Hop’s Golden Age. As a child growing up in Cleveland, OH, he was influenced by family members who were musicians as well as by his Mother’s extensive collection of vinyl recordings. In his early teens, he began listening to WDMT, the only radio station in the Cleveland area to feature Hip Hop Music which was still in its commercial infancy. Jazz became enamored, not only with the music, but with all five elements of Hip Hop culture. He even experimented with graffiti and breakdancing, but the music of Hip Hop was his calling and would become his lifelong passion.

He became an in-demand DJ for various Hip Hop groups in the Cleveland area, but no recording contracts culminated from his efforts. That all changed when he matriculated into Shaw University and formed The Lords of the Underground with “Doitall” and “Mr. Funke”. They were quickly signed to Elektra/Pendulum Records and released the critically acclaimed and commercially successful album “Here Come the Lords”, followed by “Keepers of the Funk” and “Resurrection”. Lords of the Underground have always enjoyed tremendous popularity in Europe. Shortly after the release of “Resurrection”, DJ Lord Jazz relocated to Paris, France to serve as a Hip Hop Ambassador, helping to cultivate Hip Hop’s global expansion and influence. After over ten years in Paris, France, Jazz is once again in the states. He recently dropped part 2 of his series “The Plain Dealer” featuring Geechi Suede of Camp Lo , Doitall, EDO G and many more.

The Plain Dealer 2