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November 13, 2017

DJ Exes of Miami, FL is a staple of the South Florida Hip Hop scene and worldwide as the DJ for Thirstin Howl the 3rd. We caught up with Exes to give us some knowledge and laughs. Be sure to checkout DJ Exes at this year’s Art Basel event, #Skillmatic at Grandma’s House.

DJ Exes passes the torch to DJ Miner of Miami, FL. Be on the lookout for that interview.

Video Edited by Tidal Wave Dave of CommonWLTH #WethePeople
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Interview by: Semp Rok

About DJ Exes

DJ Exes was born Omar Marrero on the Island of Puerto Rico. His formative years where spent back and forth between New Jersey and Florida. It was during this constant transition that he began honing his skills as a DJ. Having moved back to “Jersey” after Hurricane Andrew he received a pair of “Gemini” turntables for Christmas. Almost a year later, he hustled up some money and got Technic’s. After graduation, Exes attended Community College in New Jersey then in Florida. In 1997, he attended Full Sail School for the Recording Arts where he attained an A.S. in Audio Engineering.

After this maturing experience DJ Exes moved back to “Jersey” and landed an internship at NYC’s own Unique Studios. Moving back to Miami in 02’, Exes, friend Stats, and cousin Dee-Soul began a morning show. The “Breakfast Club” aired on a locally broadcasted, online, FM radio station called Blaze 104.7. This was Miami’s first all latino morning show to play that “boom-bap” hip-hop. This DJ has spun everywhere in and around the magic city. Later Exes teamed up with JBishop to create the FocusGroup730 on Real Dj Tv, an internet radio station who's listeners numbered in the thousands. Exes has since continued to push his music through various avenues. Dj of 24 years Emceeing 20, one half the super group The German Regime w/ Deesoulopez, Thirstin Howl the 3rds Dj, and still going strong. Music is Life. Influences include Dj Doo wop, DjRonG, DjS&S, DjChillWill FTE, DjDemo, DjJuice, and turntablists like DjCraze, DjBabu, InvincibleScratchPicklez, and The Executoners. His Pen was influenced by Mc's like Nas, GFK, SeanPrice, Redman, Eminem, Jadakis, DjDoowop, and DjTonyTouch. Clearly, his influences are Heavy East Coast but his love for skill knows no bounds. A wise man knows he knows nothing is the mantra this LO-Life lives by so like iron sharpens iron lets grow.

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