For The Love: DJ Heron Speaks About His Humble Beginnings

July 2, 2017

In each major city, there are very few DJs that have been able to make a significant stance after being dormant for nearly a decade. DJ Heron of Miami is that guy who didn’t just resurrected his brand, but also the Hip hop scene in Miami. He has made himself so relevant, that we felt it was imperative for people to know his past. Heron didn’t build his rep over night, so we had to sit down with him and document his humble beginning. This is the first of a multi-part interview.

In this interview learn about how he and DJ Khris.. aka DJ Klassik brought NY hip Hop to Miami while in high school, among ther stories.

Video Edited by Tidal Wave Dave of CommonWLTH #WeThePeople
DJ Cuts by DJ G.I. Joe Http://
Interview by: Semp Rok

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