“The Renaissance of Hip Hop ‘Back to Basics” hosted by DJ Charlie” is the latest DJ mix released by Brass King on MixCloud. This mix is 01:17:25 mins long. If you like this mix, then check out more on his page.

Brimstone127 & The Brass King present The Renaissance of Hip Hop ‘Back to Basics’ hosted by DJ Charlie Chase (Cold Crush Bros) courtesy of Above Ground Music (2007)
This unique 42 Track album pays tribute to the pioneers that forged a way for our culture featuring some of the FINEST MCees, Spoken Word Artists and Musicians.

KRS ONE (BDP), The Roots, The Jungle Brothers, DJ Charlie Chase, Matisyahu, Mr. Long (Black Sheep), Dug Infinite, Special K, Garcia, Mecca aka Grimo, Mr. Hakim Green (Channel Live), Plan Beats, The Oski Foundation, P.O.W. Power of Words, Nickel, Hassanah, Soulflower, PeeDoe (Luna Empire), Thousand Thoughts, Poettis, Kymani Kenyetta, Dynas, Butta Verses, Omniscient, Protoman, Seven Star, Prime Legend, Cozmek, MC Bez, LOX The Rippa, Ephiniko, David Orpheus, Hazardis, Infinit, Orion, Punch3Nello, Maj Mour, Q Beatz, Supersoul, Jon Doe, Coco Chanel, Naya and Dito.

Above Ground Music LLC 2006

Hip Hop,Pioneer,Tribute,DJ MIX,MC

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About Brass King

The Brass King, aka (BK) is a Brooklyn native who lives and works in South Florida. He is a connoisseur of world music, raised on the sounds of Motown, Fania, Stax, Blue Note Records and a living witness to the emergence of Hip Hop in New York during the 1980’s. BK developed his DJ skills as a member of Miami’s original Plan Beats crew which starting in the late 80’s. Even today, Plan Beats is known for its uncompromising street style, shutting down streets in Miami’s Wynwood Art District with old skool block parties during the early days of Art Walk.

BK is acknowledged for his immaculate production and mixtapes since the 90’s, with a unique style that has taken him as far as Amsterdam, Germany and Spain. The Brass King loves challenging listeners beyond their comfort zones by mixing classics and rare selections including African, Hip Hop, Latin, R & B, Funk and Soul Grooves. His meticulous attention to musical origin, passion for digging in the crates and his discerning ear for authenticity make him a crowd favorite where ever he rocks.