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Vankata is a turntablist freak! He was the vice champion of DMC Bulgaria DJ Championship 2009, and surprisingly he is not amongst the popular DJ’s in Bulgaria but still he is one of the few really dedicated to the art of DJing. He is able to scratch equally well with both hands which is a privilege for just a few turntablists on the globe. The beat juggle patterns he performs can absolutely blow your mind. He is quite familiar with the language the music is written in, so you can expect mixes in key, sounding in perfect harmony. “Expect the unexpected”, he says. During his gigs you’ll enjoy a wide diversity of music played in a true turntablist manner.

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About Red Bull 3Style

Red Bull 3style is a DJ contest that promises to be a night of dance-floor mayhem. Each DJ gets a 15-minute shift where they can play whatever they like, as long as they have at least three styles or genres of music in that time. It doesn’t matter what genres of music are chosen so long as the DJ can make them work together.

Now in its tenth year, the ante has been upped with challenges taking place in more than 20 different countries around the globe. Each country will have a series of qualifiers and a national final to determine who the Red Bull 3Style champion for that country is. The champions from around the world will then go on to compete at the World Finals.