“Droppin’ Donuts – Sam Tweaks (Wax Nerds)” is the latest DJ mix released by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud.

This show is a guest mix featuring Sam Tweaks of the Wax Nerds crew! The mix takes in T21x45s mixed using two 1210s and a Pioneer S9 and features soul, funk, hip hop and more with some cheeky edits thrown in for good measure!
Sam “Tweaks” Bradshaw is a full time DJ, member of the Waxnerds crew, mad music lover (most genres) with a love for creating edits and productions

Check out Freebruary this coming February for a daily free download of this years edits on Bandcamp https://samtweaks.bandcamp.com.
Insta: waxnerds45

Funk,Soul,Hip hop,Edits

About Breakin Bread

Breakin’ Bread is a Soul, Funk, Disco & Hip Hop Collective, based in London. The Collective run a Record Label, Clubnights and Radio Shows. The Record Label and club have been active since 1998 and specialise in dancefloor mayhem.