Magic (10.3.18) RECORDS. NO RAPS. by House Shoes

2020-04-27T01:25:54+00:00DJ Mixes|

“Magic (10.3.18) RECORDS. NO RAPS.” is the latest DJ mix released by House Shoes on MixCloud. This mix is 01:07:34 mins long. If you dig this mix, then check out more of House Shoe’s mixes his mixcloud page. —- All records this week. Levels kinda hot. I’m human. Khruangbin/NinoNardoni/Heliocentrics/NaturalYogurtBand/RoyBudd/Claudia/ ChicanoBatman/Manhattans/Sunny&TheSunliners/U-Roy/Laghonia/AstrologyBand/ KennyBarron/AndyBey/TajMahal/JoeBataan/JohnnyTeupenGroup/Pool-Pah/AlKooper/ BlueMagic/DavidSancious&Tone/TheNationalGallery/MarkMurphy/DexterStory(GabyHernandez/ JohnColtrane… Missed a…

VINTAGE RnB – DJ Skeg – Breakin’ Bread

2020-04-26T09:06:23+00:00DJ Mixes|

Tune into this Breakin Bread mix, “VINTAGE RnB – DJ Skeg”, one of their latest DJ mixes dropped on MixCloud. This mix is 02:01:17 mins long and if you dig this mix, then check out more from Breakin’ Bread on their page. —- We’re going way back with this special show, back into a time…


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