“Rob Life – Catchin’ Grooves” is the latest DJ mix released by Breakin Bread on Mixcloud.

Rob Life is one of the founders of Breakin Bread and for ages we’ve been trying to persuade him to do a new Breakin Bread mix. However, he’s a busy man so we don’t have one yet.

So we figured its about time to post up one of Rob’s classic B-Boy mixes so here is Catchin’ Grooves a mix we put out 15 years ago!

In the true spirit of hip-hop’s originators Rob Life cuts up 2 copies of records with a b-boy flavour taken from a myriad of different musical styles. This mix takes in funk, soul, boogie, rock, latin, afro, jazz, country and more.

This mix was made with the dancer in mind, its varying tempos and musical content is aimed at b-boys with flavour and versatility in their steps.

Check Rob out at
insta rob_lifedj
facebook rob bailes


About Breakin Bread

Breakin’ Bread is a Soul, Funk, Disco & Hip Hop Collective, based in London. The Collective run a Record Label, Clubnights and Radio Shows. The Record Label and club have been active since 1998 and specialise in dancefloor mayhem.