“Sunday School 12/8/13” is the latest DJ mix released by DJ Mere on MixCloud. This mix is 26:09 mins long. If you dig this mix, then check out more of Dj Mere’s mixes his page.

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Original Samples,Funk – Soul – Jazz,Soul Funk Disco Boogie,Underground Hip Hop,Hiphop soul funk

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About DJ Mere

DJ Mere One became one of the Bay Area’s prominent hip-hop DJs as a result of plenty of hard work and networking. He was born and raised in Oakland and got his start as an intern at a street promotions company, namely Streetwise Promotions. It was run by his cousin, Sway (of the popular radio show duo Sway & King Tech) and Mere One was only 17 at the time, where he learned a lot about the rap game from his days in the promotions business. Mere also met plenty of people, and his extensive network of contacts began to pay dividends when it came to his DJing. He jumped from one radio station to the next: from KSJS to KZSU to, most notably, KMEL. As part of his relationship with KMEL, he did a ton of street mixing, including opening slots for an abundance of major rap acts who came through town (some gigs as major as the Up in Smoke and Anger Management tours). Mere One also put out many mixtapes over the years, and over time this became a serious business for him as his mixtapes became increasingly popular.