Tune into this Breakin Bread mix, “THE FLAVA ERA – DJ Hudson”, one of their latest DJ mixes dropped on MixCloud. This mix is 01:13:05 mins long and if you dig this mix, then check out more from Breakin’ Bread on their page.

DJ Hudson always delivers the goods and this mix is no different. However, what is different here is that you don’t hear many mixes taking in this era of hip hop. This is pre “golden-age” but not quite old enough for old school and an era that is often ignored. This is what we’re calling the Flava Era, early 90’s Bizness from both the US and the UK From hip hop to street soul via high top fades, Dance Energy and some slightly dodgy attire, The Flava Era was dope! For those that were there then, enjoy the reminiscing. For the younger crew this is what we did back in the day!!

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Hip hop,Soul,90s

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About Breakin Bread

Breakin’ Bread is a Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, & Disco Collective, based in UK London. The Collective operates a club nights, radio shows and even a record label. The club nights and record label have been active since 1998 and specialize in dancefloor mayhem. check them out if ever in the area.