Check out,“Vibes & Scribes Classic 90s House Series: Dedication to P Street,”, the latest DJ mix released by Steve ‘Miggedy’ Maestro on MixCloud. This mix is 02:22:43 mins long and if you dig this mix, then check out more on his page.

This set is dedicated not only to this particular area but my best friend, DJ Magic. When I was still stationed in Germany, he had relocated to Reston , VA & while he had a day gig, he also DJed & worked at 12 Inch Records which was located on P Street at DuPont Circle. So he would send me some joints, then when I came to stay with him, I went with him everywhere; all the clubs, etc. So while we are plugging away in D.C., I wasn’t in Chicago to see first-hand Hip-Hop take over as the predominate music of choice. Everytime we came home, we would always go up north & out south, but we went to hear House so when I came back home to stay….it was 2 different musical worlds & I was very confused. Anyway, this collection of records was some of the stuff Magic & I bought(plus now I get to play it on my new toys). Salute & a hat tip to my brother for this journey.

Classic house,90’S HOUSE,Deep house,Vocal house

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About Steve ‘Miggedy’ Maestro

Steve ‘Miggedy’ Maestro is a 20+ year veteran of DJing in general as well as on the radio. Steve started djing in Army clubs and in Chicago and he joined WGCI in 1993. His talents has been requests by names in the industry as Doug Banks, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, & Tom Joyner. He is also syndicated through SuperRadio with over 30 stations airing his old school dj mixes.

Steve currently mixes from Monday through Friday on Soul 106.3 and is coming to a club near you.